Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Securing our loved ones . .

In the current climate many of us are living such a busy and hectic lifestyle where we are running ever harder just to stay in the same place. 

One of the side effects is that we are left feeling guilty about how much attention we give to our parents, worrying about “are they really ok?” just adds to the overall stress levels. Here is one way to help ease that stress and really help them. 

Contact their Local Locksmith and arrange a short visit convenient to all.

This is not as “off the wall” as it first appears, many of the elderly worry endlessly about security and how many times have you worried that the latest spate of burglaries / con men will affect them. Your or their depending how far away you live Local Locksmith can help give everyone some reassurance on this. 

How many times during your visits have you seen they struggle with that back door lock or rusty padlock on the garden shed? They’ve probably been in the same property for years and never thought about having their locks maintained or updated by a professional. 

Calling a Local Locksmith for a survey and maintenance call is not that expensive. When he gets there your Local Locksmith will be able to repair any faulty locks, give advice to you and your parents on possible upgrades and fit any chains and or window locks as required. 

You will be surprised how much better both you and your parents will feel after the visit, knowing your parents are as secure in their home as possible is a great relief to both parties. Remember a good Local Locksmith will have full mobile capability and be able to do the vast majority of work in one visit including lock fitting/repair and cutting a spare set of keys should they be needed.

This will not remove all your guilt and stress regarding your parents; nothing ever will I’m afraid life is like that. However the relief and satisfaction it brings to all your family is priceless so, next time you arrange to visit them contact a Local Locksmith it really is worthwhile.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Be prepared - Motto of Boy Scouts and Home Owners alike

Getting to know your local Locksmith is vital. Usually for most of us the first time we meet them is in a crisis and we contact the first number we come across, hoping they're not a bunch of cowboys. It is relatively easy to avoid this with just a little research in advance. 

You would not dream of taking your loved one for an important meal without knowledge of the restaurant (that really would be a crisis). Find out who is your local Locksmith and put the number in your phone now so if the worst happens you’re prepared.

Hopefully you will have more than one to choose from, so start by seeing the sort of services they offer and how many may be relative to you. For instance do they operate an emergency service if they do what is their callout fee? As so many of us drive these days are they able to deal with the modern car systems such as encryption or transponders. 

At this point your search for a Local Locksmith should be down to a short list of 2 or 3, this is where you have to take a stab in the dark and select one on gut instinct. However you do not have to stick with this choice for ever and checking out your choice is reasonably easy and relatively cheap. 

So here’s what you do phone your Local Locksmith and arrange for a survey and maintenance inspection. Very few of us do not have at least one lock in the house we’ve been meaning to replace for years, so this is not an unwarranted expense. 

The rest is common sense it should be obvious very soon after the arrival of your Local Locksmith if you have made the right choice. The salesman locksmith will concentrate solely on persuading you to replace all your locks and have yet more fitted. It is possible of course that you actually need them all replacing and more fitted, so pay attention to what he/she is saying and doing. 

A good Local Locksmith will attempt to repair that dodgy lock whilst explaining exactly what sort of replacement you need, and have they done any maintenance on your other locks or just looked at them and gone into sales mode.

If successful you will have found one of the many skilled Local Locksmiths that are available and because you got to know them, in the event of an emergency sending for some body you know and trust is a great stress reliever.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Is your hobby equipment safe?

It really is time that all you hobbyists contacted your Local Locksmith for a quick survey of your household’s security. Just think about how much time, money and effort has gone into getting all your stuff together. 

This applies to anglers, golfers even cycle enthusiasts, it would not be unusual for you to have equipment etc. costing £1000+, and for you to be keeping it in the back of the garage or shed neither of which has anything approaching a proper lock on it.

Most insurance companies are reporting an increase in claims for loss/theft from garden buildings and garages. Do you really want the hassle of going through the claims process and then trying to replace all that stuff, not to mention the time it’ll take? 

A quick survey by your Local Locksmith and he/she will be able to maintain or repair those wobbly locks or advise you if about replacements if there not repairable or worse not good enough to satisfy your insurance. It maybe that you have already thought about a more secure cabinet or even a small cage within the garage to prevent accidental damage to your gear. 

Nearly all of us has experienced that horrible sinking feeling when days before the big annual event your favourite putter, pole etc. is discovered with the lawn mower and that old sideboard you really should have got rid of parked on top of it. Do not wait for this to happen let your Local Locksmith offer you sound common sense solutions and help provide you with safe and secure storage space. 

With the mobile key cutting ability your Local Locksmith will also be able to cut you that spare set of keys for your son/daughter so you no longer have to stay up half the night waiting for them to return. Apart from anything else you’ll have built up a relationship with your Local Locksmith. This relationship really helps to reduce the stress levels in the event of a crisis, knowing the person your contacting for help is, honest reliable and not about to rip you off is invaluable.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Locksmith for when you are moving home

Moving home in the near future or have moved recently? No doubt you have sorted out gas and electric supplies, telephone, TV and internet connection. You have probably contacted a few local services as well such as a plumber etc. I wonder if you contacted a vital local service provider though, your Local Locksmith?
The usual answer is no yet a little thought shows this should be the first person you contact. The reasons for ensuring that you have early contact with your Local Locksmith are many; I intend to just point out a few of them.
Firstly your household contents insurance, you will already have informed them of your new address and no doubt you regularly check the amount of your insurance covers the value of your belongings. Very few of us however check the small print on insurance policies; in this case the important parts are the quality and standard of locks the majority insurance companies now insist on. A survey by your local locksmith will supply the answer and offer a speedy remedy for any that fall short of the required standard.
In any case I suggest that you get your Local Locksmith to at change the locks at the main entry points. Why go to all that expense? Firstly it’s not as expensive as you think; secondly just think about your old home for a minute.
How many times did you get new keys cut because you lost your old ones, left a set with relatives in case of emergency or with neighbours for when you were on holiday? Would the previous occupants of your new house be any different and can you be certain all of these keys were handed over when you moved in?
Getting your Local Locksmith to change these locks will ease your mind on that point. Every home always has at least one lock that needs to be jiggled about to get it to work once again your Local Locksmith will find and repair or replace any damaged or faulty locks in your new home.
Your Local Locksmith is a vital part of your homes security and your stress relief do not delay in contacting him/her.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Being Locked Out

I would like to say a few words to all those people out there who think they are well organised and prepared for domestic emergencies. 

No I don’t mean forgetting anniversaries or the like but normal everyday complications, burst pipes, television/computer breakdowns or even washing machine breakdowns. You are not as prepared as you think you are. 

The really organised amongst us will have a whole section on our phones with numbers for your doctor, dentist, bank, garage and probably even a plumber. However there is almost certain to be a vital one missing. This missing one is hopefully seldom used but when needed it’s vital to have it with you; it is your local locksmith.
Think about it for a minute, you’ve let the door close behind you and your keys are inside. Yes I know that most modern phones have internet search abilities and even without this there is always directory enquires. 

Unfortunately finding and choosing your local locksmith is not that simple. There is so much to consider, are the 24/7, is there a call out charge (usual for emergency locksmiths) and if so what does it cover. Locksmiths are like plumbers, many different varieties and abilities, some for instance specialise in car locks many claim to be non-destructive experts yet 30 seconds after they arrive their drilling away at your lock and talking about how much better (although they will not mention the cost at this point) their replacement one will be. 

 Finding your local locksmith requires a little thought and some kind of contact with them before you really need them, just so you know what type of service to expect. 

Of course using your local locksmith to advise you on the requirements of your household insurance is a reasonably cost effective way of testing the water and selecting one. It will also give you a chance to build a relationship with your local locksmith and save you from a great deal of stress should an instance arrive when you really need him/her.