Saturday, 28 July 2012

Be prepared - Motto of Boy Scouts and Home Owners alike

Getting to know your local Locksmith is vital. Usually for most of us the first time we meet them is in a crisis and we contact the first number we come across, hoping they're not a bunch of cowboys. It is relatively easy to avoid this with just a little research in advance. 

You would not dream of taking your loved one for an important meal without knowledge of the restaurant (that really would be a crisis). Find out who is your local Locksmith and put the number in your phone now so if the worst happens you’re prepared.

Hopefully you will have more than one to choose from, so start by seeing the sort of services they offer and how many may be relative to you. For instance do they operate an emergency service if they do what is their callout fee? As so many of us drive these days are they able to deal with the modern car systems such as encryption or transponders. 

At this point your search for a Local Locksmith should be down to a short list of 2 or 3, this is where you have to take a stab in the dark and select one on gut instinct. However you do not have to stick with this choice for ever and checking out your choice is reasonably easy and relatively cheap. 

So here’s what you do phone your Local Locksmith and arrange for a survey and maintenance inspection. Very few of us do not have at least one lock in the house we’ve been meaning to replace for years, so this is not an unwarranted expense. 

The rest is common sense it should be obvious very soon after the arrival of your Local Locksmith if you have made the right choice. The salesman locksmith will concentrate solely on persuading you to replace all your locks and have yet more fitted. It is possible of course that you actually need them all replacing and more fitted, so pay attention to what he/she is saying and doing. 

A good Local Locksmith will attempt to repair that dodgy lock whilst explaining exactly what sort of replacement you need, and have they done any maintenance on your other locks or just looked at them and gone into sales mode.

If successful you will have found one of the many skilled Local Locksmiths that are available and because you got to know them, in the event of an emergency sending for some body you know and trust is a great stress reliever.


  1. There was one time when I needed my locks changed Belfast, but fortunately I had actually befriended the local locksmith just a few weeks prior. He came over and let me in even though it was midnight, and he didn't even charge me!

  2. I had a bad experience with locksmiths once. One came to my home and tried to fix my broken lock. He fussed for a half of an hour, I guess, and then said that he can't fix it and offered to buy a new one from him. I was not keen on this idea, so I decided to call another locksmiths and what was my surprise, when this specialist fixed my lock in 20 minutes!

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